Image, Materiality and Space

Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Gallery, 90 Goodman Road, Blk B, #1-08
Dates: 21 – 29 October 2011
Artists: Abednego Trianto Kurniawan, Jason Lee, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Marla Bendini, Willis Turner Henry, Yang Jie
Curated by Jason Lee & Kelvin Atmadibrata

Image, Materiality and Space explores the relationship between sculptures, installation and photographs. This exhibition aims to bring forth the concept of materiality aspects in photographs, and how photographic prints, as a physical material, are able to amalgamate with 3-dimensional mediums or vice-versa. It hopes to bring out the awareness that photograph can also be considered as a form of material instead of solely as a two-dimensional image. Furthermore, it serves as an experimental platform for artists to explore the various possibilities of fusing photographs into the making of a three dimensional work. The inclusion of photographic images into a sculptural or installation artwork would motivate artists to think and work differently. At the same time, it seeks to push photography beyond its boundaries as 2-dimensional and allow photographs to work with surrounding spaces with the accompanied sculptural and installation work, be it site specific or not.

Abednego Trianto Kurniawan
Still Life with Corn Flake Box
Dimension variable

IMG_3437 IMG_3434 IMG_3433 IMG_3432 IMG_3427 IMG_3424 IMG_3418

Jason Lee
Forgotten Buildings Project #1
Mixed media
Dimension variable

IMG_3472 IMG_3468 IMG_3466 IMG_3464 IMG_3462 IMG_3461 IMG_3459 IMG_3455 IMG_3449


Kelvin Atmadibrata
The Seahorsemen
Mixed media
Various dimension

IMG_3547 IMG_3542 IMG_3539 IMG_3537 IMG_3534

Marla Bendini
Ruminant IV: Kiss, ink and cake
Portrait of artist printed on cake with edible ink
1.5kg, 12” x 17″

IMG_3494 IMG_3492 IMG_3490 IMG_3415 IMG_3412

Willis Turner Henry
CIMED” vol.2
Installation, clay and photograph
Dimension variable

IMG_3531 IMG_3529 IMG_3521 IMG_3519 IMG_3518 IMG_3515 IMG_3509

Yang Jie
Kiting the Sky
4m x 4m x 2.2m

IMG_3508 IMG_3505 IMG_3504 IMG_3499 IMG_3495