Air Inception #2

Air Interception #2 is a public artwork which uses interaction as a vehicle for the artist and people of Hong Kong to learn and understand the social conditions of two different countries: Singapore and Hong Kong. Through intervening public spaces, the artist hopes to create a one-to-one conversation with different Hong Kongers to find out about their thoughts on Hong Kong as a constant changing urban city as well as sharing with them about his opinions on Singapore. After each conversation, the artist will give away self-made silkscreen patches with various texts and images commenting about city. People are encourage to attach these patches directly onto their bags or clothes as a way to spread the little messages around.


Don't Forget the Story, Don't Forget the Sturggle #2

My performance piece addresses the issue of rapid urbanization and its potential implications on the people, environment, and state. As someone coming from a tiny but fast-developed nation, I felt a sense of confusion and loss, almost in a state of dystopia.

The ice cubes represents the peculiar 'barrier' in terms of relationship among people in our immediately surroundings. The sand symbolizes the idea of 'developing and building', which the meaning can be referred as building relationships with people or building infrastructures for a nation. Rice is a common asian food that reminds us of our own roots as well as providing us energy, which is crucial for us to keep to keep up the struggle against the demands of living in a urbanized world.

Rootless Generation

As our land and environment changes rapidly, how does one continue to live in the society without having the important knowledge of our roots or regards to the history and the lives that shaped up the current landscape? Through the use of various obsolete and existing common objects, I hope to rekindle the memories of the past and deconstruct it into fragments of the contemporary society.

In Translation

In Translation is a performance intervention responding to a solo exhibition by Singaporean artist Lee Wen at the Singapore Art Museum. The translation of artwork titles simultaneously lampoon Singapore's heritage institutions for promoting artistic culture in a mono-lingual system, without ackonwledging the importance of language translation from English to 3 other official native languages for non-english speakers and readers.


An Exchange Visit to the Past and Present act as a respond to the rapid urbanization in Singapore. Throughout the years, there have been lots of iconic buildings either demolished or gentrified which often result in the lost of history. In exchanged, there is a rise of generic ugly buildings which are often functioned as hotels, shopping malls, or condominium. Land has been reclaimed for casino and resort. This is a paradoxical situation consider the fact that Singapore is a very tiny country. This performance will look into the relationship between the lost buildings and myself, through the concept of exchanging and replacement.

Act By The Radio #2: Freedom

Act By The Radio #2 seeks to interpret freedom of an individual in a developed society. This performance is an improvisation from the previous debut piece. The objective is to explore the relationship between three elements: spoken words, objects, actions. I created actions with objects that are relevant (either as representation or directly referring to it) to the context of the speeches while the recorded speeches were being played several times.

Born From the Wasted

(collaboration with Reef)

Born From the Wasted is a collaborative performance by Jason Lee & Reef. Both artists experiment the sounds and instrumentations on matters that would considered as trash or recyclables and objects associated with nature. The 'trash' include food wrappers, plastic containers, disposable cups, cartons, styrofoam, and so on. They investigate the relationship between waste and nature, and how humans play a critical role in them. The performance aims to question our awareness towards ecology when disposing our daily waste. It serves as a platform for the artists to demonstrate re-connections with the natural environments and generate conversations with nature.