Air Interception

This work responds to the issues of air and pollution. The environment (land, water, air) that we live in and breath, greatly inspire or influence how we think and what we do. All the passionate things we love doing is a form of air – we breath these air to make our lives profoundly purposeful.

Using a long white textile which symbolise Tabula rasa, and then layering it with a combination of relevant borrowed texts that speak about cities and words with images contributed by the local people about the passionate things they enjoyed onto the textile, the work aims to investigate the complex factors that transform into the current state of Mumbai today. In a way, it may also suggest the implications of human passion in the environment – Is it a form of unconscious pollution of the air?

The Unheard Voices

The painted texts in this installation are borrowed from the song lyrics of various punk bands around the world. Painted on various coloured fabrics, they shed light on the issues broached by the punk community such as the welfare and rights of migrants, equality and the futility of emphasizing racial differences. Detached from a punk aesthetic, the coloured fabrics also serve as a visual metaphor which reminds us that solidarity and equality are issues that concern all individuals across cultures and beliefs.

As a counter project for the common stereotype of punk culture as determinedly rebellious and destructive, Jason’s work examines the messages that are propagated in the often-misunderstood community, asking us to question our own prejudices of the punk subculture.

The Forgotten Buildings Project #1

This is an ongoing project in response to buildings in singapore that has been replaced or demolished due to urban renewals over the past decades. The sculptural installation constructed with plastic crates act as a replica of twenty-first century architecture facade. It attempts to question the authenticity of modernistic buildings that tend to look identical to each other which often lack of essence. Photographs of existing buildings and places are viewed through the narrow grid spaces to symbolize how foreign they have become to us while memories of its past faded away from the urban fabrics.

The concept of this artwork derived from the fear of cooking. The wok is a useful object for making cuisine. Yet the artist is always full of doubts when he cooks. The wok has therefore been regard as a symbol of fear for him, with nails epitomizing these fears.

I was 6740 Miles Away From Home and all I brought back was just journals

This work is about the artist's experiences and feelings from the study trip to United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. From the first day of landing London to the long distance travel to Huddersfield and travelling to Paris and Venice, the experiences varies from day to day be it the climate, culture or the people he met. Rather than showcasing photographs or making an artwork, he thinks telling stories or writing poems is one way of sharing with people the first hand experiences of travelling and it is also a more direct way to show engagement. He seeks to include a little amount of humour and exaggeration in narration of his story without distorting the true account. The display of the book in an open luggage is to symbolise the relation to the concept of carrying stories and experiences back home in his luggage.

Free Fall (hit) Float

(Collaboration with Gisela Sim)

The concept of liberation plays a fundamental role in the creation of the series of photographic and installation artworks, and in addition, describe an uncertainty value. Hence, based on the unorthodox culture of Bohemianism, Singaporean artist Jason Lee and Singapore-based Indonesian artist Gisela Sim strive to bring forth the process in realization and the unpredictability of the results as the main objectives, which is in deliberate contrast to an orderly and planned stagnant outcome of an art piece. This collaborative exhibition is a result of the two artists’ experimentation and exploration of an idea in deeper understanding of various possibilities within photography.